Old Victorian houses for sale in the USA | Old Houses USA (2024)

This collection includes all the architectural styles of the Victorian era: Victorian, Queen Anne, Gothic Victorian, Victorian Stick, Folk Victorian, Italianate, Second Empire, Shingle.


1898 Queen Anne house in Dublin, Texas - $1.2 Million

Magnificent Queen Anne house for sale in Dublin, Texas. Built in 1898, wrap around porches. beautifully appointed interior, stunning staircases, soaring ceilings, restored to its original beauty, 5 bedrooms, 4508 square feet, 18 acres lot. $1,263,000.

1903 Victorian house in Louisville, Kentucky - $575k

Splendid Victorian house for sale in Louisville, Kentucky. Built in 1903, beautiful woodwork, elegant floor plan, ornate fireplaces, copper roof, carriage house, 10 bedrooms, 8311 square feet. $575,000.

1895 Victorian house in Poultney, Vermont - $649k

Classic Victorian house for sale in Poultney, Vermont. Built in 1895, wrap-around porch, lots of natural light, woodwork throughout, historic details preserved, 6 bedrooms, 3872 square feet. $649,900.

The Kaehler-Rector House, 1891 Queen Anne style in Merced, California - $730k

The Kaehler-Rector House for sale in Merced, California. Built in 1891 by architect Louis Wegner, Queen Anne style, distinctive corner tower, grand staircase, detached garage, 4 bedrooms, 4439 sqft. $730,000.

Holly Gate, 1908 Queen Anne and Colonial Revival house in Whitsett, North Carolina - $1 Million

Holly Gate for sale in Whitsett, North Carolina. Built in 1908, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles, gorgeous rooms, updated while preserving historic details, 4 bedrooms, 4 acre lot. $1,000,000.

1895 Victorian house in Cincinnati, Ohio - $299k

Cozy Victorian house for sale in Cincinnati, Ohio. Built in 1895, historic craftsmanship, brick fireplace, spacious front porch, 2 bedrooms, covered parking spots. $299,000.

1858 Victorian house in Milton, Pennsylvania - $304k

Delightful Victorian house for sale in Milton, Pennsylvania. Built in 1858, ornate woodwork, fireplace, wood floors, detached car garage, 4 bedrooms, 2790 square feet. $304,950.

1865 Victorian house in Bethlehem, New York - $395k

Renovated Victorian house for sale in Bethlehem, New York. Built in 1865, several updates, in-ground pool, large barn, walk-up loft, bonus space, 4 bedrooms. $395,000.

1868 Italianate house in New Orleans, Louisiana - $2.3 Million

Magnificent Italianate house for sale in New Orleans, Louisiana. Built in 1868 by architect James Freret, meticulously maintained and completely restored, gorgeous original details, large gourmet kitchen, guest house, 7 bedrooms, 6500 square feet. $2,395,000.

1894 Victorian house in Marshall, Illinois - $255k

Beautiful Victorian house for sale in Marshall, Illinois. Built in 1894, hardwood floors, splendid woodwork and staircase, large yard detached garage, 4 bedrooms, 3018 square feet. $255,000.

The Three Sisters House, 1890 Victorian style in Savannah, Georgia - $1.7 Million

The Three Sisters House for sale in Savannah, Georgia. Built in 1890, Victorian style, several updates, heated pool, 3 bedrooms, 2463 square feet. $1,700,000.

1850 Queen Anne house in Bluemont, Virginia - $699k

Appealing Queen Anne house for sale in Bluemont, Virginia. Built in 1850, impeccable woodwork, timeless elegance, wraparound porch, 5 bedrooms, 3977 square feet, over 70 ornamental trees. $699,900.

1892 Victorian house in Oil City, Pennsylvania - $284k

Outstanding Victorian house for sale in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Built in 1892, original woodwork, large oak panel foyer, 7 bedrooms, 4463 square feet. $284,900.

Old Cook Home, 1873 Victorian style in Burnet, Texas - $440k

Old Cook Home for sale in Burnet, Texas. Built in 1873, Victorian style, original floor plan, solid walnut staircase, large bay windows, original hardwood floors, 5 bedrooms, 2863 square feet. $440,000.

1867 Second Empire house in Athens, New York - $549k

Exquisite Second Empire house for sale in Athens, New York. Built in 1867, masterful woodworking, ornate mansard roof, embellished fireplaces, breathtaking views, 8 bedrooms, 4379 square feet. $549,000.

The Heilig-Foil House, 1858 Italianate and Greek Revival in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina - $650k

The Heilig-Foil House for sale in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina. Built in 1858, Italianate and Greek Revival traits, well-preserved original characteristics, ionic columns, 5 bedrooms. $650,000.

1889 Victorian house in Chillicothe, Ohio - $299k

Exquisite Victorian house for sale in Chillicothe, Ohio. Built in 1889, natural woodwork, hardwood floors, timeless charm, garage, 3 bedrooms, 2052 square feet. $299,000.

1907 Victorian house in Red Bank, New Jersey - $799k

Gorgeous Victorian house for sale in Red Bank, New Jersey. Built in 1907, intricate wood staircase, dual parlors, updated kitchen, 4 bedrooms, pool, 2584 square feet. $799,000.

The Tarabino Inn, 1907 Italianate house in Trinidad, Colorado - $925k

The Tarabino Inn for sale in Trinidad, Colorado. Built in 1907, Italianate style, fully furnished, beautiful woodwork, original carriage house, large lot, 8 bedrooms. $925,000.

1900 Victorian house in Cripple Creek, Colorado - $380k

Lovely Victorian house for sale in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Built in 1900, restored, original hardwood flooring, 2 bedrooms, storage building, 1337 square feet. $380,000.

1890 Queen Anne house in Marine City, Michigan - $234k

Elegant Queen Anne house for sale in Marine City, Michigan. Built in 1890, intricate gables, hardwood floors, ornate custom millwork, remodeled kitchen, 5 bedrooms, 2770 square feet. $234,900.

1883 Italianate house in Knightstown, Indiana - $250k

Meticulously preserved Italianate house for sale in Knightstown, Indiana. Built in 1883, original woodwork, hardwood floors, 3 fireplaces, updated kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 4313 square feet. $250,000.

1860 Victorian house in Russellville, Alabama - $369k

Updated Victorian house for sale in Russellville, Alabama. Built in 1860, grand foyer, exquisite wood trim, preserved wood floors, new screened porch, large lot, carriage house, 3918 square feet. $369,900.

The Arthur House, 1882 Queen Anne style in Fort Collins, Colorado - $1.3 Million

The Arthur House for sale in Fort Collins, Colorado. Built in 1882, Queen Anne style, designed by architects Nichols & Canman, several upgrades, stable foundation, private parking lot, 5 bedrooms, 4130 square feet. $1,399,000.

1890 Victorian house and Arts and Crafts Cottage in Jonesport, Maine - $345k

Beautifully maintained Victorian house and interesting Arts and Crafts Cottage for sale in Jonesport, Maine. Built in 1890, main house has detailed woodwork, huge attic, 3 bedrooms, 2019 square feet. $345,000.

Stanhope, 1847 Italianate house in Carrollton, Mississippi - $435k

Stanhope for sale in Carrollton, Mississippi. Built in 1847, designed by architect James Clark Harris, Italianate style, hooded windows and decorative brackets, heart pine floors, rich crown molding, gunite swimming pool, 4 bedrooms, 4125 square feet. $435,000.

1889 Victorian house in Beloit, Wisconsin - $425k

Renovated Victorian house for sale in Beloit, Wisconsin. Built in 1889, original hardwood floors, crown molding, heated garage, 5 bedrooms, 5400 square feet. $425,000.

1897 Victorian house in Emlenton, Pennsylvania - $250k

Exquisite Victorian house for sale in Emlenton, Pennsylvania. Built in 1897, elegant woodwork, restored hardwood parquet floors, stained glass windows, five bedrooms, mature trees. $250,000.

The Jonas B. Martin Mansion, 1890 Queen Anne style in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - $889k

The Jonas B. Martin Mansion for sale in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Built in 1890, designed by C. Emlen Urban, spectacular natural light, ornamental excess, exquisite craftsmanship, 8 bedrooms. $889,900.

1900 Second Empire house in Lancaster, Ohio - $425k

Stunning Second Empire house for sale in Lancaster, Ohio. Built in 1900, grand foyer with curved staircase, mansard roof with ornamental iron, restored woodwork, extensive landscaping, 2-car garage, 4 bedrooms. $425,000.

Old Victorian houses for sale in the USA | Old Houses USA (2024)
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