The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (2024)

2014 was a stellar year for recipes here at Serious Eats. We're talking an epic series on waffling...just about everything, ridiculously gorgeous crown roast rack of lamb, and a massive collection of some of the best vegan food you'll ever eat. Out of the hundreds of recipes we brought to you over the course of the year, these are the 10 most clicked. Time to preheat your ovens!

The Best General Tso's Chicken

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (1)

General Tso's chicken is great in all its myriad forms. But we firmly believe it can be more than a candy-sweet dish that screams greasy take-out. Enter this home-cooked version, which calls for juicy, meaty chicken thighs. Our method delivers a vinegary kick and super-crisp nuggets of chicken flavored with garlic, ginger, and chilies.

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Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (2)

You know that weird, mushy texture most black bean burgers have? Yeah, so do we. Which is why our recipe calls for partially dehydrating canned beans in the oven for a more robust meatiness that even the most devout carnivores will love. Chopped cashews and panko bread crumbs add a satisfying nutty crunch, while onions, poblano peppers, garlic, and a touch of smoky chipotle give these patties their complex, balanced flavor. Oh, and it all comes together in just 25 minutes. Hello dinner!

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The Best Egg Salad

It's pretty hard to screw up egg salad. But it's also pretty hard to get it completely, 100%, holy-crap-what-did-you-put-in-this delicious. This recipe isn't fancy; there's nothing crazy going on. But it's beautifully balanced, with bright, lively flavors and a texture that spans from rich and creamy to crisp and crunchy.

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Perfect Quick-and-Easy French Toast

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (4)

This recipe only calls for basic pantry staples—we're talking bread, milk, eggs, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg. What makes it a truly superior French toast all boils down to the ratio of egg, milk, and sugar. It's not too wet and soggy, and it's not too firm and eggy. It's simple, it's easy, and it's pretty much just plain perfect.

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The Best Slow-Cooked Tomato Sauce

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (5)

Chicken parm, meatballs, pasta, and beyond: red sauce goes on such a wide variety of foods for a reason. Namely, because it's so damn good. This version is a whole lot better than the stuff you'll find in a jar—it's a rich, hearty tomato sauce that's cooked for hours to develop a deep, naturally sweet flavor. The secret? Cooking it in the oven, allowing the surface to brown while the sauce below slowly concentrates. Make a big batch and freeze it for, well, just about anything.

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Quick and Easy Drop Biscuits

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (6)

Drop biscuits are a godsend for the busy cook. Exhibit A: They call for just five common pantry ingredients (butter, flour, baking powder, salt and milk). Exhibit B: You only need about 25 minutes to make them, and even less if you whip out the food processor. It's pretty much the ideal measure, stir, bake, and serve situation. And the result? Soft, tender, versatile biscuits that will be equally at home on any breakfast, lunch, or dinner table.

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5 Minute Fudgy Chocolate Microwave Cake

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (7)

Wait, a cake in a microwave? Yes. A cake. In a microwave. In five minutes. It can't really get much better than that, right? Especially when the final product is a fudgy, rich, scoopable, pudding-style cake best served warm with a spoon. You don't have to be drunk to make this bad boy, but you definitely can be. Just stir that batter right in the dish, adding lots of chopped chocolate and sprinkle of cocoa and sugar on top. Microwave, eat, repeat.

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Easy Pull-Apart Pepperoni Garlic Knots

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (8)

What could be better than garlic knots, you ask? Why, garlic knots that bake in a cast iron pan and pull apart into glorious, chewy-tender nuggets of delight. These guys pack a major punch thanks to a combo of pepperoni, red pepper flakes, garlic, and two types of cheese. It's the kind of recipe that your guests will demand you make time and time again because they're that damn good. So it's a good thing they're super easy to make.

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Slow-Roasted Beef Tenderloin

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (9)

Whole-roasted beef tenderloin is the perfect celebratory centerpiece. That is, it's perfect if it's done right. The problem? That extra-lean meat dries out and overcooks alarmingly easily. But by slowly roasting at a low temperature and then searing the beef, you'll get that gorgeous edge-to-edge ruby medium-rare cook with a burnished, flavorful crust.

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Perfect Steamed Boiled Eggs

The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (10)

Getting a perfectly cooked, easy-to-peel hard-boiled egg is enough to drive some people to madness. Lucky for you, that some people is us, and after some pretty elaborate testing (SCIENCE!), we've got the answer. The CliffNotes version: forget that boiling water and say hello to your friendly neighborhood steamer.

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The Most Popular Recipes of 2014 (2024)


What is the most famous food item? ›

  • ​Pizza​ Italian pizza is probably the most famous food in the world. ...
  • ​Doner Kebab​ Another world famous dish is Turkish doner kebab, made up of Turkish pied bread stuffed with vertically grilled mutton or lamb. ...
  • ​Hamburger​ It is a popular food among Americans. ...
  • ​Dim Sum​ ...
  • ​Rice Biryani​ ...
  • ​Hummus​ ...
  • ​Sushi​ ...
  • ​Caviar​
May 26, 2023

What was the most popular dish in the 1950s? ›

As you can see from the decade's top recipes, the 1950s were all about the intersection of comfort food and convenience—casseroles and quick dishes like Chicken a la King and Welsh rarebit reigned supreme.

What was one of the common meals in the 1930s? ›

Homemakers made many varieties of soup from available foods. The results included split pea, chicken-rice, potato-onion, bean, hamburger, and all vegetable. Dumplings were a filling addition to complement the soup. For some families, soup was the evening meal every night.

What is the #1 food eaten in the world? ›

Rice, for instance, claims the throne as one of the most consumed staple foods worldwide due to its versatility, affordability, and high caloric yield, making it a reliable source of sustenance for billions.

What is the #1 most eaten food in the world? ›

Rice is the staple food of more than half the world's population, and it's been that way for centuries. It's cheap, it's filling, and it can be easily grown in a variety of climates. Rice is so important to so many people that it's no surprise that it's the world's most-eaten food.

What's the most eaten food in history? ›

After the 15th century, rice spread throughout Italy and then France, later spreading to all the continents during the age of European exploration. As a cereal grain, today it is the most widely consumed staple food worldwide.

What food was ate in ww2? ›

At first, the meals were stews, and more varieties were added as the war went on, including meat and spaghetti in tomato sauce, chopped ham, eggs and potatoes, meat and noodles, pork and beans; ham and lima beans, and chicken and vegetables.

What is the most 80s food? ›

Top Ten Uniquely '80s Foods
  • Tab Cola.
  • Artificially Flavored Fruit Snacks. ...
  • Equal. ...
  • Orange Julius. ...
  • Tri-Color Pasta Salad. ...
  • Cool Ranch Doritos. ...
  • The California Raisins. ...
  • Jawbreakers. Like spicy food, these dangerously choke-inducing balls inspired serious candy egos. ...

What was a popular dish in the 1960s? ›

French Onion Dip

One of the biggest food fads at this time was inspired by a life-changing ingredient: Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Made with sour cream or cream cheese and the dehydrated soup mix, onion dip was the ultimate easy appetizer and a hit at co*cktail parties.

What food was popular in the 60s? ›

Dinner: American palates became more sophisticated thanks to Julia Child, but many 60's meals were still dominated by convenience foods like this terrifying olive,celery and cheese jello salad. Buffet dinners of beef stroganoff, green beans amandine and flaming cherries jubilee were popular.

What is America's most iconic dish? ›

1. Hamburger: The hamburger is a classic American food. It consists of a ground beef patty served between two buns, often with various toppings such as lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, and condiments like ketchup and mustard.

What food was popular in the 1940s? ›

Other favorites of the time were Bazooka Bubble Gum, Licorice candies, Turkish Taffy, DOTS Candy, Jolly Ranchers, Whoppers Malted Milk Balls, Mike & Ike, and Rain-Blo Bubble Gum. Snacks that emerged during the '40s include Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Chiquita Bananas, Junior Mints, Almond Joy, V8, and Cheetos.

What did poor people eat during the Great Depression? ›

Many cheap foods still common among the poor today made their debut during the Depression: Wonder Bread (1930), Bisquick (1931), Miracle Whip (1933), and Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup (1934). Ragu spaghetti sauce, Kraft mac-n-cheese, and Hormel Spam all appeared during the Roosevelt Recession in 1937.

What was the main meal eaten during the 1800s? ›

Much like today, families usually ate three daily meals. The main meal in the 1800s, however, was not the large evening meal that is familiar to us today. Rather, it was a meal called dinner, enjoyed in the early afternoon. Supper was a smaller meal eaten in the evening.

What's the #1 food the US is known for? ›

As of Q3 2022, hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and cheeseburgers were the most popular American dishes in the United States. About 84 percent of respondents had a positive opinion of each of the three dishes.

What is America's favorite food? ›

According to a recent poll, pizza is officially America's favorite food.

Which country is No 1 in food? ›

Italy. Italy is the number one country having the best food in the world. It's difficult to talk about Italian food, it's easier to enjoy it. The original shades of Italian cuisine – green, red and yellow always produce a wonderful blend of taste and flavor.

What food is America known for? ›

Many quintessential American dishes are unique takes on food originally from other culinary traditions, including pizza, hot dogs, and Tex-Mex. Regional highlights include a range of fish dishes in the coastal states, gumbo, and cheesesteak.

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